Teach Your Children Window Safety Tips

Window Safety

Tips That Every Homeowner Must Read!

Practicing window safety is a must, especially if you have young children in the home. Every year the National Safety Council has a seminar on window safety and security. The seminar is designed to heighten the homeowner’s awareness in preventing falls from windows and in emergency escape exits.

Many children each year die or are seriously injured from falling out of a window. Strangulation can also occur from window cords.  Because of the shocking numbers and statistics, it’s very important to teach your children window safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has ranked windows as being one of the top hidden hazards in a home.

 Here are some window safety tips

  1. Keep children away from windows and doors. Shut and lock windows when young children are around. Make them play towards the center of the room as much as possible.
  2. For ventilation open up a window from the top, open the ones that are out of the reach of a child.
  3. Don’t place furniture near the windows or any kind of materials that kids can use to climb up near them.

There are safety devices you can Install in your home that is designed to limit how far a window will open,  there are window guards, and quick-release mechanisms to prevent accidents even in a case of a fire. You can also teach children on how to use a window as an emergency exit.

It only takes a few seconds for a child to have a fall or an accident from a window and it is easily preventable. Call City Glass Co at 608-754-4411 today make sure that your windows are safe and secure all year round.

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