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City Glass Company, is more than just glass, we have the best quality vinyl windows that look like real wood, keeping costs affordable to the customer’s needs. Our installers have many years of experience and are perfectionists when it comes to giving the homeowners supreme savings on their energy cost.

Past vs. Present

In the past, when white vinyl windows aged, they yellowed, or faded, the material would crack in very hot temperatures, The vinyl windows today have changed, they are extremely durable in any climate, and the insulated glass fits the Energy Star guidelines. Come in and look at the wide variety of beautiful colors and grain finishing. City Glass has the quality vinyl windows you are looking for, they are quality built, and ready to be install in your home today.

These six concerns you must consider when shopping for quality windows.

  1. Quality Construction

At City Glass, our customers will get the finest vinyl, which has additives in it that protect the vinyl from becoming brittle, from turning yellow, or the color from fading. The frame will look and feel tight, and solid, corners should be welded and a number of air pockets for soundness, and protection.

  1. Insulated Glass

A quality window at City Glass has inert gas and spacers between double pane glass to minimize any loss of heat. The glass will also have a Low-e finish to help reflect heat from outdoors and protect from fading.

  1. Warranty

City Glass has built a reputation of quality work and customer oriented service. Our warranties cover potential problems, such as any leaking between the window panes, and the warranties can be transferred if you sell your home, that is called a double lifetime warranty.

  1. There is more

City Glass carries Energy Star quality windows; we are your full-service glass shop and MORE!

  1. Check the Care Instructions

City Glass carries double hung windows that tilt in and are very easy to keep clean, you don’t need to use a ladder, and we highly recommend not ever using a pressure washer as it can break the seals.

  1. Color can be matched or it can contrast

City Glass can order your windows in a wide variety of beautiful colors and grain finishing, the exterior color can be different from or blend with the house trim.

Our mission is to serve our customers

Whether big or small from individuals to big companies, our personalized attention through our professional and knowledgeable staff. Upgrade the look of any room. Get the custom designs you deserve for your home. Choose from many design options. Make your house safe, use City glass for your high-quality glass repairs. You can repair and replace your glass today.

Call us today, 608-754-4411. We’re more than just glass.

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